How to Hire an Injury Lawyer – Part I

How do you Hire an Injury Lawyer Who is Right for You?

This is a guide on how to hire an injury lawyer. Hiring the right lawyer is essential for the best results for you or your families injury case. Some people may not put a lot of thought into who they hire to be their attorney and base this critical decision exclusively on advertisements. However, the choice of who you hire as your lawyer needs to be based on the attorney’s reputation, experience, skill, and expertise in handling injury cases.

Insurance Companies Know Most Attorneys and Use This to Decide How Much Your Injury Case is Worth:

Think about this: why would you think an insurance company evaluates lawyers? What do you believe are the most significant factors that an insurance company takes into consideration your attorney before they made an offer to pay money? The answer – insurance companies, do not like to take risks.
Insurance companies attempt to control the entire process of paying claims. One of the things they can’t control is who you hire as an injury lawyer. If you higher the right one they create a significant risk to insurance companies.  As a result, insurers will make a better offer to resolve your case, and they do it faster if you have a lawyer they fear. Trust me insurance companies weigh your attorney’s experience, training, reputation, and their history of filing suits to take cases to trial by jury.
Not every lawyer will take a case to trial and if they don’t? There is no risk or danger to insurance companies. As a result, choose the right lawyer is critical for your injury case.

Hire an Injury Lawyer

I Don’t Want a Trial Can I Still get the Same Value for my Injury Case?

Settling without a fight is the ideal situation for almost anyone. However, I am sure you will agree that having an established trial attorney is the best way to make an insurance company think they have A LOT of risk by not paying. The result is a significant increase in the likelihood that you will get a fair offer to settle your case.  Therefore, you must ensure you have a lawyer on your side that scares the insurance company.
You will get a better result if you hire an injury lawyer who scares the insurance companies. The lawyer will care more about you as a client and has the ability if it becomes necessary to take your case to trial. Doing so will force the Insurance companies to pay you fair value, and you will benefit from having a determined, skilled trial attorney.
Remember that not all cases a trial lawyer takes will result in a lawsuit being filed.  Nor does it mean you will certainly go to trial. The lawyer will increase the chance your matter will settle sooner and for more money. Trust me insurers hate to take risks. The right lawyer means they won’t merely make a lowball offer and risk having a lawsuit filed.

Why You Need an Attorney Who’s Business is Exclusively Injury Related Law

Do not hire an injury lawyer before you make certain the lawyer is seasoned in the law for which you need help. Of vital importance to know how to choose a for your specific situation. If the lawyer doesn’t devote virtually all their time doing that type of law they won’t be the best choice.
Each area of law is complex and take time and effort to do well. Regardless if it is criminal law, family law, injury law, or bankruptcy a wise client will choose a lawyer who focuses on the area they need help with.

10 Questions  to Ask Before Hiring an Injury Lawyer:

These are the questions you will need ask to be sure you are choosing to hire an injury lawyer that can handle your case:

  1. Do they hire and pay for an investigation and costs associated with your case?
  2. How long have they been exclusively practicing personal injury law?
  3. Is the attorney prepared to file suit and go to trial if necessary?
  4. Do you have any out of pocket costs they expect you to pay?
  5. Do they take cases on a contingency fee basis?
  6. How many jury trials have they conducted in similar cases?
  7. Do they teach and give lectures to other attorneys about injury law?
  8. What books or articles have they written regarding injury law issues?
  9. Do they know the medical issues you have suffered?
  10. If they can’t settle cases, do they refer them to other lawyers?
If you get answers to these questions, you are on your way to hire an injury lawyer that is best suited to take your case.

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