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Big Trucks are Dangerous

If you get hurt by one it is very important to consult with an experienced truck accident lawyer sooner rather than later to preserve the evidence and your rights.


The laws involving semi truck wrecks are different than typical car accident injury.

As a result, it is very important to consult with an experienced truck accident lawyer sooner rather than later to preserve the evidence and your rights.

Big Trucks are Dangerous

One person out of every eight killed in an accident is killed in an accident when a semi-tractor trailer is involved, big truck or other big rigs. Every year, half-a-million large trucks are involved in crashes on our roads. Of these, 5,000 are deadly and 94,000 of the wrecks result in an injury. Approximately 110,000 men, women, and children die or get injured each year on our highways in crashes with semi-trucks.

Semi Trucks on Our Roads Are Poorly Maintained

Approximately 1 in every four big rigs inspected are found to be mechanically deficient and are determined to be illegal to operate on our roads. Law enforcement routinely forces them to be declared out of service. That totals an astounding 25% of all trucks on the highways right now.

We Can We Make Trucks Safer

The frightening data of injury, death, and unlawfully in service trucks are simply unacceptable. Changes must be made in the semi truck industry to guard our friends, our families, and the public from further tragic trucking accidents. Hiring an experienced Kansas City truck accident lawyer is crucial to protecting your rights after a wreck.



Even if You are Partially at Fault You Can Win

 The size and weight of semi trucks cause considerably more and devastating damage to anyone in an ordinary car. Even if the wreck was partially your fault, you still can be entitled to a significant recovery for your damages. That is why it is so important to consult with an experienced Kansas City truck accident lawyer. Speak with one who knows the laws governing heavy trucks on Missouri and Kansas roads. 

Trucking Accidents are Complex and Need to be Investigated

The first few days are crucial and a prompt investigation critical to gathering key evidence in order to win your case. In a perfect world, the truck driver would take responsibility and you would be paid for your damages. Unfortunately, in the real world that is imperfect. The truth is that good people just like you, often pay for the greed of the trucking companies. Similar to insurance companies, the trucking industry is about one thing: Profits. They will do anything to avoid paying a victim’s injury claim even when it is clearly their responsibility.

Not Just Any Lawyer is Can Handle a Trucking Case

Proving a big rig driver was negligent is a difficult and expensive task. It entails taking on a whole team of professional investigators, the professional truck driver, the professional insurance adjuster, AND a team of highly paid defense lawyers. Without an equally experienced and professional team on your side, you are a major disadvantage and frankly don’t stand much of a chance. To win your case and your damages, you need a team with the resources to hire the experts to measure your injuries, damages, and losses. Trucking companies are merciless and out-and-out dirty when it comes to paying accident claims.

Every Minute that Goes Can Hurt Your Case

There are unique laws governing the operation of semi-trucks. For example, trucks have weight limits on their loads.  They also have very strict time limits on how long a driver is allowed to drive without rest. Far to Frequently, the trucking industry ignores these important laws and regulations in order to save money and increase profit.

 IMPORTANT!!! Trucking companies only have to keep each drivers records for a short time period. If you do not hire an experienced lawyer that knows the trucking laws, all that evidence you need to win your case will be gone. The only way to recover from a truck crash is getting the evidence from the truck and to document your injuries, damages, and losses.

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